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How To Sleep On Sunday Night: Tales of the Sales Prepper

A Quick 15 Minute Plan and To Do List for a Restful Sleep and Rockin’ Week

Ok. You caught me. I admit it. I am a Sunday Prepper. No, I don’t mean I go to Costco and buy food survival buckets, or hoard toilet paper, water and ramen (although I admit I have 3 months of food for emergencies 😉 ). I prep for the week of sales work, and devote a quick 15 minutes in the evening to clear my head, sleep without my brain churning and setup for a successful week of work. Here is my quick 15 minute agenda, and hopefully it helps you.

  1. Review Scheduled Meetings and Appointments – first off, I get my head straight on what’s happening in the coming week. Not only work, but family and other activities. This helps me center and layout a plan in my mind. I also get a bird’s eye view of my main priorities, and open areas for scheduling and performing follow ups.
  2. Identify Critical Work and Deals – I review any critical work that needs to get accomplished, and identify deals that will close and steps to move existing deals for the month to the next stage.
  3. Build My Daily and Weekly To Do – I build my short (daily/weekly) To Do list, and review long term items. I use my steps 1 and 2 to create a prioritized To Do list focused on closing and moving my deals and agenda forward.
  4. Clean Up and Conflict Resolution – I do some quick cleanup from the previous week’s list, and work through any time or meeting conflicts that have come up. I’ll send a few emails out for confirmations and loose ends (meetings not accepted or confirmed).
  5. Set Weekly Goals – I’ll write out my goals for the week, and define what I will accomplish by Friday.

I find this helps me clear my mind, get a better night’s sleep and insure I am ready to rock first thing Monday. How about you? Anything you would add?

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