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Sun Tzu & Business: Quote of the Week

“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”

Sun Tzu

What is the price of victory? Have you asked yourself this question lately? In the business world, there is one phrase I absolutely hate: “He (or she) got lucky.” Good sales people and business leaders make their own luck through blood, sweat and tears, and they pay the price for victory and are happy to do so, over and over again. Whether its going that extra mile, working a few hours on the weekend, being the last one in the office or taking that extra trips to close a deal, heart and hard work will win over talent every time.

Here are 5 things you can do today to win that business victory:

Make It a Goal to Have 50 “Touches” Today – Take an hour to search and reach out to people on LinkedIn, call people in your network, email prospects that have gone cold or just pick up the damn phone. If you make this a daily habit, it will pay huge dividends in growing your sales or overall business revenue.

Create a Sales Video – I am a huge believer in short, easily consumable content that you can leverage for selling and market awareness. You can use your Zoom account or open a free one and show a quick sales pitch on your product or service. Upload the recording to YouTube and share it frequently: LinkedIn, in email, on your website, etc. Sell while you sleep!

Build a Profile on an Industry Organization Site – most organizations provide free a free account and allow you to create a personal profile and a business one as well. Find several and put some effort into the allowed content and always link back to your business website.

Write a Blog or LinkedIn Post – good content raises awareness and drives people to what you are selling. Make it a goal to write a short post about the value provide or the problem you solve. Share it.

Create a Twitter Account for Business – Victory requires knowledge and skill. Create a Twitter profile just for business and follow your competitors, partners and industry news. Make it a habit to read your “intel” every morning for that edge.

Just some quick, disciplined steps that can drive victorious behavior!!!

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