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Holiday Countdown: Sales Questions to Ask Yourself Now

Get ahead now and prosper

The holiday train is roaring down the tracks, and it ain’t stoppin’. We are just 9 days from US Thanksgiving, and the holidays are within reach. Here is a gut check for all you sellers, and several questions you should be able to answer.

Have you asked your top deals for the close? If you are shy, sales is not your gig. If you have deals hanging in the wind of uncertainty, just ask. “The holidays are here, we both want to get it done, why don’t we do it now and not get lost in the holiday rush.” Ask and ye shall receive. Worst case is you get a “No” and know where to focus your time.

Do you know when your main points of contacts are going on vacation? You should have a schedule mapped out for all your critical deals and their out of office schedule through the new year. Also have key signing individuals mapped out as well to prevent disappointment and last minute failure of the signing chain.

When is your boss out and will he/she be reachable? Any last minute negotiations or discounts will need to be approved, and there is nothing worse than the sales boss that is skiing with her family in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada mountains during peak close time (what the f..k?) . Be proactive and assume you will need some approvals.

Is there time to get your deals over the line? Time for a reality check. If you have been following me, you know that your sequence of events (SOE) is a critical piece of knowledge to have especially when forecasting year end closes. Knowing the time to get all your paperwork through departmental, legal and procurement signoffs and the signers for each stage is critical to delivering your number on time.

Have you given bad news early? Deals push, its just a fact. Letting your boss know early so they can find the revenue to fill your hole is necessary and professional. There is no bigger hit to the credibility of a salesperson than the misrepresentation of deal status. If it has evaporated, share the news and find another deal to get over the line.

Just a dose of reality to keep you sales true. Go get ’em!

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