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Five Must Dos When Starting a New Sales Position

Starting a new sales position can be exciting and stressful at the same time, but getting off on the right foot is critical to success. Here are some tips to getting ahead of the game and building that pipeline.

  • Focus on your new position – Your main goal is to ramp up as fast as possible and get into pipe building mode. How do you do that? Focus, focus, focus. As quickly as you can, begin your product and sales training. Find out who the top reps are and shadow them. Be a fly on the wall on every Zoom meeting or in person meeting you can attend, and if meeting recording or webinars are available, watch and listen. Get a hold of the pitch decks and run through them, and by the end of week-one, you should know the value prop, elevator pitch and generic sales spiel. I like to make the pitch my own, with my own style and talk track. It makes it easier to chat freely and start to handle objections.
  • Clean up your social footprint – carrying social baggage from one job to the next is a no-no. Take the time to perform a social refresh: unsubscribe to old industry groups, unfollow irrelevant thought leaders and companies in industry and do a general walk through. If you use Sales Navigator on LinkedIn, clean out your leads and accounts. Don’t be in a rush to relaunch a new position and profile. Setup your new position and craft what your network will see.
  • Create your new persona & profile – follow your competition and new industry thought leaders both on your social networks and in general. Make it part of. your daily routine to read up on industry and prospect news. Use Google Alerts to get the latest (setup article here: Google Alerts for Sales). Change your LinkedIn headline and build out your media with a pitch and some collateral.
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