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Sales Tech Tips: Must Have Clipboard App

Use your clipboard like a pro

If you’re like me you’re constantly using your clipboard throughout the day. Cutting and pasting, and just using the same content over, and over, and over. I get frustrated having the copy and paste the same exact content links or sales information in my sales efforts.

I found an awesome free app for creating a working set of clipboard text. I find that if I’m sending emails ,or on LinkedIn doing my daily prospecting, it’s a huge timesaver and if I use a little forethought I can create a little working clipboard with all my prospecting snippets organized and arranged for use.Here’s a great app you can download for free that’s essentially a recorded library of all the links you use. I love it and can’t live without it.

Best app for copying and pasting

So the app I’m talking about is called CopyClip. You can find it on the App Store for your Mac, and as I mentioned it’s free to download. Run the installer, it’s quite simple and when you’re done, as you’ll have a

CopyClip — Great sales tool to save time.

little paper clip in your top toolbar. Go ahead and work throughout the day, and you will see your clips build up into a nice little menu. When you click the paper clip, you can choose what you want to paste, and either use control V or there are hotkeys as well. There aren’t a ton of preferences, but when I use commonly is to run the app at startup and also the number of clips to remember and display.

best clipboard app
Simple and easy to use list of copied text

That’s it simple easy and the way to improve your efficiency throughout the day and reach more people to drive more revenue hopefully this was helpful and if you have any others that you like to use please put them in the comments.

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