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Social Selling: Using Twitter Lists Part I

Organize Twitter to Maximize & Focus its Power

Like it or not, Twitter is a powerful ally for the sales person or team. Using Twitter in Sales can give you intelligence by the minute if organized correctly. Twitter lists are the focus of this post. With 330 million monthly users, provides a large network of potential people and brands you can follow and interact with on the platform. However, with 500 million tweets sent every day, it can appear impossible to keep up with your Twitter feed.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to organize your Twitter feed into targeted topics, allowing you to always stay on top of the most important conversations in your industry: Twitter lists.

Lists, no matter how many people you follow on Twitter, provide sanity-saving organization and targeting. They also enable you to engage in more effective ways and keep a close eye on the competition.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create Twitter lists.

How to Make a Twitter List
Using Twitter

  1. Sign in to Twitter and select your profile icon.
  2. Select Lists from the drop-down menu.
How to. use twitter lists in sales
Using Lists from Twitter
  1. In the left sidebar, scroll down until you see Create a list. Select Make a new list.
  2. Give your list a name and optional description. The name of your list must be 25 characters or less and cannot begin with a numeric character. The description can be up to 100 characters long.
  3. Select whether you want your list to be public or private. If you make it public, anyone on Twitter can see and subscribe to your list. Only you can see it if it’s private.
  4. Click the Save list button.
  5. You’ll be taken to a page where you can add people to your new list. There are 4 methods for adding people:
  • Look for specific users by name or username.
  • Go to your Following page and select any user by clicking the three dots icon, then selecting Add or remove from lists.
  • Navigate to any user’s profile page, click the three-dot icon, and then select Add or remove from lists.
  • Twitter’s “Add or remove from lists” option

Using the options in step seven, you can add or remove people from your Twitter lists at any time. To view your lists, go back to your profile icon and select Lists. If your new list does not appear immediately, refresh the page and clear your cache.

This setup guide is part I. The next post will give you tips on how to use lists to your advantage in sales.

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