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Holiday Deal Closing Guide (Part Deux)

A Little Bit O’ Deal Sauce on That Turkey Please

Continuing on our Holiday Deal Closing Series, here is the second half of how to make this a season of joy and not stress.

  1. In December, commit to an aggressive discovery call schedule.
    One of the most common mistakes sales people make is waiting until January to fill your pipeline; instead, start stuffing your new-year pipeline in December. Schedule discovery calls with new prospects in December, and book as many as you can, regardless of qualification. This will speed up the sales process so that you can come back to a January that is filled with qualification conversations, and it will propel you and your earnings forward regardless of any emotional roadblocks that may arise when the calendar flips to the new year.
  1. At the end of December, devote time to internal activities.
    Spend some time in December working on internal activities that will benefit you and your coworkers in the coming year, such as meeting with people in product marketing, operations, and so on. December is an excellent time to revisit and reenergize internal connections, inquire about upcoming product enhancements and marketing campaigns, and learn about the company’s roadmap and goals for the first half of the year. Meeting with colleagues from various departments will give you a better idea of the company’s direction for the coming year, and it’s always beneficial to be aware of any organizational changes ahead of time, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you return from your holiday break. In addition, its pay to clean up Salesforce, or your other CRM, and have a clean start in the new year.
  1. Give some webinars in December. In December, flex your presentation muscles by looking for public speaking/webinar opportunities. Is your alma mater hosting an alumni panel for current students? Are there any conferences where you can speak? Ask your friends, colleagues, or manager if you can speak at any marketing or sales events, or if you can host a webinar. You could even help internal resources with new hire onboarding, which is a great way to practice your presentation skills without having to do it in front of a prospect or customer. Find local holiday events with organizations that would love your product. Try these strategies to have a productive December, add to your pipeline and close more deals.
  1. Keep important contact information on hand. A common mistake that salespeople make when they are under pressure: When I show up to work with salespeople at the end of the month and say, ‘Let’s call the contact’s cell phone,’ hoping to close a deal, and I hear, ‘…I don’t have it,’ I realize we made a critical mistake. “I always ask at the second or third meeting, “Who is my SPOC (single point of contact) for this initiative?” ‘When they introduce me to my SPOC, I ask, ‘Are you a text or phone person?’ Many people, in my experience, say they prefer texts. I then ask for their phone number and text them immediately, saying, ‘Now you have my contact information (and I have yours) if we need to quickly touch base.'” Having contact information on hand so you know how to reach key decision makers can save you time and prevent your team from scrambling at the end of the year. Also, insure you have your CRM app on your phone!!
  1. Unplug when necessary, and make it mandatory. Taking some time off at the end of the year to spend time with family and decompress is important at the end of a stressful year. If you’ve planned ahead and need some time off, I recommend taking it after the end of the month/year, so you can truly relax. Let your management know, and this clear communication demonstrates a loyalty to the sales organization, but let’s you establish some family and personal space.

Try a new approach this year and see how the holiday selling season treats your stocking. Let me know your results.

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